More on Steubenville, OH rape case

When hearing stories like this one, I always like to look into the location where it occurred.

A few fun facts about Steubenville, OH: 

  • Population of 18,659 (in 2010)
  • Median household income significantly lower than the average in Ohio ($31,349 in 2009)
  • Home to 23 registered sex offenders 
  • The ratio of population to sex offender in Steubenville is actually typical for the state of Ohio. But when compared to where I live, which has a population twice as high and only one registered sex offender, it’s crazy. 
  • Crime rate 100 points higher than the US average, according to city-data (418 vs 319.1)
  • At least 5 rapes have occurred in this town every year since 2001, with a high of 16 in 02’ and a ratio of 32.1:100,000 in 2011.
  • 10.6% unemployment
  • High amount of adults employed in Educational Services when compared to the Ohio average
  • One public High School made up of 671 students


Just points to think about. 

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