Recently, president Obama warned graduate students about libertarians, saying, “They’ll warn that tyranny is always lurking just around the corner. You should reject these voices.”
Mr. Obama, you completely misunderstood. Tyranny is not just around the corner. It’s here. When half of your earnings are taken from you and used for foolish or harmful purposes, that’s already tyranny. When a government tells you how much you can eat or drink, or how you can enjoy yourself, that’s already tyranny. When your money is used to fund immoral and unneeded wars that serve only to enrich crony corporatist defense contractors, that’s already tyranny. When you are not allowed to exercise your natural and fundamental right to defend yourself or your children, as is the case in “gun free” school zones, that’s already tyranny.
And when you are not allowed to exercise your fair and fundamental right to vote your conscience, because a two party duopoly won’t let any challengers on the ballot, that is most definitely, absolutely, unquestionably tyranny. Whether it’s Democrats in Maryland or Republicans in Pennsylvania, both agree that it’s appropriate to use immoral, underhanded tactics to keep Libertarians off the ballot.
President Obama, we weren’t warning about tyranny. We were describing the current tyranny.

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